HAPCOS was a European COST Action whose Main Objective is:
  To increase knowledge and understanding of the use of High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) for delivery of communications and other services, by exploring, researching and developing new methods, analyses, techniques and strategies for developers, service providers, system integrators and regulators.

HAPCOS formally finished in late 2009. This website is no longer fully supported but maintained as an archive.

Welcome to COST297 -

COST297 - ‘HAPCOS’ was a European Action - now completed - dealing with HAPs and their applications. Representing an active group of researchers from academia, industry and governments, it has aimed to catalyse research activity, and to provide cohesion among the community. We included members from 20 European countries, and engaged active participation from across the world.

The Action commenced in 2005. At this time, it was clear that HAPs were an emerging topic of considerable potential, but there was little cohesion among disparate research and development activities; there was also much confusion surrounding the regulatory aspects. Since then we have been very successful in bringing people together, and helping to provide some consensus and engender a positive approach.

We have held a number of meetings, with our activities structured within three Working Groups (see below). COST297 also supported other activities such as Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) for the exchange of (mainly young) researchers.

COST297 formally completed its 4-year tenure in late 2009.

Residual activity has been preparation of the Final Output, representing the findings of the Action.

Unfortunately, the preparestion of this Final Output ('The Book') has run into a number of difficulties, and has been severely delayed. Tim Tozer, as editor, must take responsibility, but you can appreciate the challenge of soliciting and editing inputs derived from well over 20 differrent contributors; problems have included copyright issues in particular. However, we have not given up, and Tim is still progressing this as of 2013.

Autumn 2009 Meeting

Our final meeting took place in Avignon, France, 19 -21 October 2009, and included public Workshop sessions in collaboration with the STRATOFLIGHT Convention. This included engagement with a number of industrial partners, and represents a positive step towards taking the ideas and technology forward for further development beyond the end of the COST Action. A number of presentations were given by HAPCOS members, with extensive discussion sessions.

Use of the website

These web pages are no longer activily supported. However, they may continue to represent a useful resource for those concered with HAPs and their applications.
Comments may be sent to Tim at tim.tozer@york.ac.uk

Dec 2013 - Tim Tozer, Chair COST297 [tim.tozer@york.ac.uk]


Working Group 1

Radio Communications

Chair David Grace

Working Group 2

Optical Communications

Working Group 3


Chair Patrick Hendrick

Latest messages...

-  New spin-out company.
Vialight Communications www.vialight.de is a new company formed to provide optical communications especially with HAPs. It involves some of our HAPCOS partners associated with DLR, and builds from work undertaken within HAPCOS and related programmes such as CAPANINA. It is very gratifying to see these technologies move to commercial exploitation.

-  An article on HAPs has been published in the Radio Science Bulletin of URSI. The authors are Jacob Gavan, S. Tapuchi, and David Grace.  ...  Download PDF

-  HAPCOS Follow-on?
Unfortunately our proposal for a follow-on action relating to HAPS and Remote Sensing was not successful. It is hoped that others will take the initiative to submit future proposals in the area of HAPs

-  New COST Action ES0802: Unmanned aerial systems in atmospheric research.
This related Action ES0802 has some synergy with HAPCOS. Details here and here

-  Related ICT COST Action IC0802 "Propagation Tools and Data for Integrated Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems."  ...  Further details can be found here.

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